All your drawing materials gathered in one place

Next Field supports all types of 2D drawings for follow-up in your projects. By uploading the drawings in Next Field, you and your employees always have the latest floor plan with relevant information related to a project, property or assignment.

All your drawing materials gathered in one place

Next Field supports an unlimited number of drawings per project. Sometimes you can use images from Google Maps as a drawing base, while other times you have detailed floor plans that you work from.

Regardless of the type of drawing you have, they can be uploaded in Next Field and used to give work orders, perform inspections, general documentation and much more.

Next Field supports PDF, PNG, GIF, JPG, SVG etc.

More about drawings

  • Upload exactly the drawings you want as a drawing base
  • Everyone in the project will always be updated on which drawings are used
  • Unlimited number of drawings per project
  • Add points (deviations, messages, tasks) exactly where you need them, directly in the drawing

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"With Next Field, I have an excellent to do list. Absolutely clear, straight to the point and with all the comments. Press ‘generate a report’ and the whole job is done!"

John C Forester, Consulting Engineer, Sweco

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