Construction checklists: standard & custom


Digital construction checklists are kept up to date in real time, meaning that there is no need to continually send out revisions to your colleagues, partners and customers.

The checklists that are saved will be saved directly during the project you are working on so that you will never have to look for physical paper checklists again.

Standard checklists

Next Field Forms comes with 5 standard checklists that are ready for use from day one.

  • Change message
  • Control of scaffolding
  • RUH (Report on adverse events)
  • Round of protection
  • Deviation report.

Custom checklists

If your business is like most businesses, then you have your own construction checklists and routines that you have incorporated over several years – whether they be building inspection checklists or quality assurance construction checklists. Next Field allows you to create or import your own with ease.‍

Templated or Custom Checklists

More about construction checklists

  • Use our ready-made checklists or implement their very own checklists
  • Possibility of digital signing of checklists
  • The checklists will be stored directly under the project being worked on
  • Everyone is automatically updated on the latest checklist


  • Building inspection checklists
  • Quality assurance construction checklists
  • Construction site safety checklist
  • Building maintenance checklist.


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