Next One Technology is just as much a business of knowledge as it is an IT company. Our knowledge has been acquired through many years of work within the industry and we are meticulous when it comes to ensuring that new NEXT employees are trained in the field.

As a new member of the NEXT family you will, not unlike an apprenticeship, be assigned an experienced NEXT project manager as your mentor. During the first few months of employment, the new recruit will “shadow” their mentor and assist them with preparation, training and workshops and will gradually work more and more on their own work activities and areas of responsibility. During the training phase, roles will gradually change so that the new employee becomes the person with the primary responsibility for the customer’s NEXT project and the mentor will instead provide support in the background. This way of working is appreciated both by our own employees and by our customers, who quickly receive the accurate help and has access to several contact persons should they have any questions about NEXT.

We refer to this training as the NEXT Academy and it is an essential part of the service we provide to our customers, i.e. always being able to meet a supplier that can respond with expertise.