Leo is a fibre optic installation consultant. He moved to the UK in 2019, and subsequently founded his own fibre and cable network installation consultancy. Prior to this, he worked for a number of network solution companies in Sweden, during which time he became acquainted with an effective project management platform: Next Project.

Upon setting up his business, Leo quickly realised that he would need an all-in-one platform for managing his work orders, project updates, employees, tasks, deviations and client invoicing. Recalling how effective Next Project had been in allowing him to manage his projects effectively from start to finish, Leo quickly sought out the same project on this side of the channel.

“What I like most about Project is that it allows me to monitor and follow up on my employees; reviewing how many hours they’ve worked each week, and on which task. Using this, I can ensure that no task is missed. It made time management and payroll much easier. I can see the number of hours worked in the app, as well as check for irregularities and variations.” – Leo Stjernkvist, Director of Leo Fibre and Network Cabling Ltd.

He also finds it useful for tracking deviations. If additional work is required to enact a work-around, for example, Project can produce a report to prove that extra resources need to be allocated, leaving no room for disputes when it’s time to invoice the client.