There are currently three integrations with Briljant, allowing you to transfer data between the systems. Projects, customers and customer invoices can be exported to Briljant. Costs and revenues are imported to NEXT. Integrations are configured with assistance from your NEXT key account manager and the customer reseller for Briljant, as both systems have to be configured. Exporting projects, work orders and customers Basic data about commenced projects and work orders is transferred to Briljant. In connection with the commencement of a project, customers are transferred to Briljant together with the project data. Exporting customer invoices When invoices have been compiled and reviewed, they are selected for export to Briljant. Accounts and customer subledgers are updated upon export. Customer invoices are reviewed and approved prior to the accounting transaction being created. Accounting – costs and revenues All financial project data in the form of revenues and costs is transferred to NEXT and the correct project and work order/AAW. If supplier invoices have been scanned, there is also an option to view these as images directly in NEXT for each project.