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The complete ERP system for machine contractors

ME (Maskinentreprenörerna) currently has around 4,000 company members that operate within groundwork and construction, spanning everything from sole proprietorships to large companies with a turnover of hundreds of millions of Swedish kronor. Saying that you work with “groundwork and construction” can, in principle, involve anything from adjusting kerbstones or transporting a load of gravel to the construction of port facilities. Regardless of the size of the job, it is of the utmost importance to “capture the day” in groundwork and construction work. As a ground contractor, you will often work on the basis of a unit price list or costs incurred and NEXT provides you with the opportunity to receive daily reports of progress in the form of delivery notes from transport, excavation quantities, machine hours,  Alterations and Additional Work (AAWs) subcontractor reporting. Of course, you also receive payroll specifications that can be loaded into the payroll software in connection with payroll runs. Many of our customers within the groundwork and construction sector often describe their situation prior to NEXT as follows:

  • There were often large piles of delivery notes and supplier invoices waiting on your desk.
  • It was stressful to always be behind on invoicing.
  • We were not always able to keep track of finances, which regularly created anxiety.
  • There was uncertainty as to whether everything was included in the invoice specification. There was simply not enough time to keep track of everything.
  • In their own contracts, they would have preferred to have better tracking for AAW jobs and ideally also to have been able to keep the client informed of the status at all times.
  • During the season, both evenings and weekends are spent doing paperwork.
  • In the end, do we actually get paid for all of the work, materials and machinery?

NEXT completely changes your reality

With a business logic taken from NCC and a mobile application that allows for daily reporting of machine time, working hours, material use and diary entries, you end up with a completely different work situation and a completely different level of control over your business. The fact that delivery notes and invoices are received digitally also means that you have day-to-day control of your finances and the opportunity to issue invoices “when you want,” while also dramatically reducing administrative paperwork.

  • Manages project activities in the form of excavation/digging and small transport orders in different ways – these are completely different types of assignments that should also be managed differently.
  • Complete support for all types of quantity-related assignments.
  • The finances associated with each machine are calculated in the background. Input data is retrieved automatically in real time in connection with the machine operators’ daily reporting.
  • It is also possible to record the actual time used for each machine in connection with daily reporting.
  • All resources used can be tracked by the total or by period. Applies to both finances and machine running times.
  • Signing of digital delivery notes.
  • Reported timesheets for payroll are automatically recognised against the chargeable machine time. Any non-conformities are traceable per worker in real time.
  • Project tracking can be performed at all levels, from machine and individual level to project level
  • Post costings are automatically performed for all completed assignments. The calculation even takes into account all internal costs/resources used in the assignment. The prerequisite is that internal resources have an internal price listed in the price list.
  • Thanks to the automatic post costings, analysis can easily be performed, making it possible to compare the profitability of different types of assignments, e.g. excavation jobs, transport jobs, private customers/companies, own work compared to subcontracted work, etc.
  • Snow clearing jobs can be included as a standing order.
  • Different “picking lists” for different roles for mobile time reporting. (Excavator operators and drivers often use different resources, NEXT will display only the machinery and materials that are relevant to the role)

Will our guys really be able to use this?

Everyone seems to agree that mobile reporting is the future. The big question is rather how quickly the change will happen and whether we can get our drivers and machine operators to report by phone or tablet rather than using a paper slip. Over the years, Next One Technology has helped hundreds of industry colleagues cross this threshold and we are ready to help you too!

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