Demolition and concrete technology

The ERP system that simplifies administration for demolition and concrete technology companies

NEXT is used by a large number of companies involved in demolition, piercing and concrete technology. One of the reasons for this is without doubt the fact that, in this field, it is crucial to capture what happens in the workplace every day. Otherwise, there is a high risk of forgetting to invoice and/or ending up with tedious administrative work to subsequently collate the work performed and sort out any additional work that must be reported separately. When it comes to demolition, there are many common denominators with groundwork & construction, i.e. very machinery-intensive and long working hours and it is not unusual for our existing customers to engage in these activities in parallel. Piercing and sawing have their own issues in so far that there are a number of unique parameters to keep track of: the type of material and reinforcement, the number of holes, hole depth, number of metres sawn, etc. Accordingly, it is not entirely straightforward to report on this in a way in which both monitoring and invoicing straight from the field can be included. Well thought-out price lists provide great support for this work. NEXT includes many of the required features, while also helping you with the fundamental requirements for project and order management, integration with finance and payroll, time reporting and recognised hours, supplier invoices, costs, revenue, customer invoices, mobility, documentation, etc.

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