Flexible project and ERP system for contractors

The contractor flow is relatively complex, as it involves a number of different sub-elements and often many different professional roles. For contractor customers, the documentation requirements are often driven largely by legal requirements and requirements from clients.

All administration in ONE place 

Below you can find a list of the general NEXT features that are used by contractors. The breadth of NEXT makes it possible to gather large parts of the project administration in ONE place. This simplifies and streamlines the work significantly.

  • Documentation support
  • Control of the project/project management/roles
  • Project expertise
  • Procurement & Procurement planning (beta)
  • Project finances/tracking
  • Budget/Forecast/Percentage-of-completion
  • Time reporting and certification
  • Non-conformities – Questions/Answers (alpha)
  • Alterations and Additional Work (AAW) management
  • QHSE support/Self-checks
  • Supplier invoice management/cost allocation
  • Integrations with finance/payroll
  • Mobility/cloud
  • Portal/sharing information in collaborations
  • Invoicing

Project economics

In large contracts, cost control, budget tracking and efficient AAW management are of a very high priority. If you have worked for any nationwide contracting company, you will be familiar with the below. The NEXT forecasting mo precisely follows the principles for reconciliation, forecasting and links to percentage of completion that are standard in the industry. Import options from the estimating software BidCon, MAP and Wikells, combined with integration with the finance system, means minimal manual work and continuous updates to the project finances in the background. Supplier invoices are also automatically assigned to the correct project in NEXT without any manual handling. With the NEXT mobile client, you will receive recorded hours each day so that you can reconcile the budgeted hours against the actual outcome in real time.

Procurement and procurement planning

You can manage your entire procurement process from tender to project completion in NEXT. The procurement module also supports document management. You can create e.g. tender templates using the autofill feature in order to easily distribute tenders to suppliers. The procurement module is currently undergoing beta testing and will be launched in Q1/Q2 2021.

Documentation, QHSE, inspections and self-checks

If you are certified according to BF9K, Povel or another ISO-based system, you will find complete support for the management of document templates, including the option to populate project documents with information from the NEXT project. Documents and checklists can be made available via mobile or distributed via the portal to external participants such as clients, subcontractors, consultants or suppliers. Read more about how our DocOnline service makes your document and template management process easier. NEXT recently (December 2020) acquired the Norwegian company Checkd is a cloud-based system for digital inspections and self-checks in the field. The solution makes it possible to easily document and delegate non-conformities, but also to manage the contract requirements for self-checks.

Diary and Alterations and Additional Work (AAW)

The diary and AAW management follow the usual procedures in the industry for reporting to clients. The diary can be recorded via a mobile device and can be easily supplemented by photos taken directly on site.

“Common” project features

In addition to the aforementioned specific features for fixed price contracts, NEXT also meets all fundamental requirements that must be set for a professional project and ERP system. You will find features such as project and order management, complete integration with finance and payroll, time reporting and recognised hours, supplier invoices, costs, revenues, customer invoices, documentation, resource planning, schedules, etc.

NEXT & Byggsamordnaren

At the turn of the year 2019/2020 NEXT merged with Byggsamverkan, which owns the project management system Byggsamordnaren. Byggsamordnaren is widely used among contracting companies in Sweden, with around 1300 companies currently using the system, which has long been the industry default.  Together, we are a leading supplier to larger contracting companies.

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