Building maintenance

Cloud-based ERP system for the building maintenance industry

NEXT for building maintenance boasts all the specific features required to help you run a successful building maintenance business. Here you will find the obvious features such as project and order management, integration with finance and payroll, mobile timesheets, supplier invoices, costs, revenue, customer invoices, photos, documentation, self-checks, etc. but also more advanced features such as financial key figure calculations, resource planning and schedules. You choose which level you want and pay accordingly.

Mobile reporting – record everything you do!

If you are working in building maintenance, it is of the utmost importance to “capture the day,” i.e. continuously receive information about the day’s work. By “day’s work”, we refer not only to the hours spent, NEXT reporting also includes travel, items used from vehicles and storage, use of own equipment, diary entries, photos and registration of non-conformities/Alterations and Additional Work (AAW). NEXT mobile reporting ensures that your workers report on the above every day (the key word here is simplicity) and the outcome is better control of both project finances and the basis for charges. The fact that you can include items used from vehicles, photos and also have the opportunity to document AAWs in real time also means that your revenue increases – you are simply paid for what you have actually delivered to your customer. Many of our customers working in building maintenance talk about before and after NEXT and usually refer to the dramatic advantage of receiving all information “automatically” every day. Daily reporting means both correct reporting and complete reporting. Hand on heart, how many of you can remember on Friday what was done at the start of the week? As a pure bonus, finance and payroll employees do not have to perform any manual registration of customer invoices, supplier invoices or payroll specifications. For slightly larger building maintenance companies, this results in many hours of work saved each month.

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