Permissions and external access

Regardless of how large or small your company is, you probably want the different professional roles in your company to have different rights and permissions when it comes to accessing data. NEXT is equipped with a highly sophisticated tool for managing access to data, which is best illustrated through a few examples of how you, at a detailed level, can control who gets to see and do what in NEXT. Internal access control

  • Supervisors require full access to all projects and orders but do not require access to the central projects that manage e.g. payroll, office costs or other internal costs.
  • The finance department has access to all registers but only has view permissions for “operational modules” such as orders, scheduling and diaries.
  • For larger contractors, the project and site managers only have access to their designated projects and therefore can only influence finances, AAWs and forecasts in projects that they have access to.

Access for auditors

  • In connection with financial reporting, it is practical for the auditor to have access to view project finances, profits, etc. The auditor therefore requires access to view all projects, but only has access to view the finance module and shall be assigned view permissions only (not permission to edit/remove entries) .

Partner & subcontractor access

  • In a partner contract, you want to provide the client with access to general project data but also ongoing access to all supplier invoices and hours used in the project.
  • You want to provide a number of subcontractors with which you collaborate closely with access to report diary entries, photos and hours spent, but they should of course only have access to report against the projects they are involved in.

Access for clients

  • You have an operations and maintenance agreement in place with the local authority and you want to provide the local authority’s project manager with the opportunity to directly document any damage or defects that must be fixed from the field. You can assign the option to register new orders, including photos, texts and GPS coordinates, to the local authority representative. Of course, such access should apply only to the framework agreement project (or projects).

Portal  If you do not want to provide external users with access to the NEXT client, there is also the opportunity to use the NEXT Portal.