Finance and payroll integrations

Integrations with a large number of finance and payroll systems. Fortnox, Visma Administration, Briljant or Hogia tend to be the favoured choices for finance systems for small and medium-sized customers, but for larger customers we also have existing integrations with Visma Business,, IFS Applications, Concorde and Agresso.

The information shared between the systems is the same, regardless of the finance system we integrate with. Customer name, project, order and customer invoice are exported from NEXT to the finance system and transactions from the general ledger are exported in the other direction.

Most NEXT customers also use the NEXT e-Invoice tool and, in this case, suppliers and supplier invoices are also transmitted from NEXT to the finance system.

When it comes to payroll system integrations, we transfer attested hours from NEXT to the following payroll systems: Visma Lön 600, Fortnox Lön, Flex, Agda, Hogia Lön, Hogia Lön Plus and Kontek Lön. 

In addition to the integrations with payroll and finance systems, NEXT also interacts with other building process applications, read more on our ERP system page.

We continuously further develop our integrations, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Finance systems

Agresso Briljant Concorde C5 Fortnox Ekonomi Hogia Affärssystem Hogia ByggEkonomi IFS Applications Microsoft Dynamics NAV *) Visma Administration 1000/2000 Visma Business *) Visma eEkonomi *) 3L ongoing

Payroll systems

Agda Flex Fortnox Lön Hogia Lön Hogia Lön Plus Kontek Lön Visma Lön 600 *) Via partners