Cloud-based ERP system for better project management

Together with our partners (including Visma, Fortnox, Briljant and CrediFlow), NEXT is a complete ERP system with a focus on the construction sector. We also support integrations with a range of finance and payroll systems. The integrations between the subsystems mean that both manual registrated work and duplicate work becomes a thing of the past. The fact that all operational activities are managed in NEXT also means that requirements for advanced functionality in the accounting system is significantly reduced (e.g. in relation to order management and project reporting). This means that growing companies that have historically moved on to larger ERP systems can continue using their existing finance and payroll systems, which is both cheaper and easier.


NEXT Enterprise – ERP system for larger companies

When smaller accounting systems no longer meet the needs of your finance department, we can, together with our integration partners, offer a standardised and bundled integration solution, such as Visma Business, Visma Net or any other solution. Depending on the required scope of the assignment, a NEXT Enterprise delivery can vary from a well defined standard package to a complete package which includes extraction from an existing ERP system platform and in-depth and customised BI solutions. When it comes to the latter services, we use our Visma partners as suppliers of complex services within the field of BI. Together with our integration partners, we can also offer our Enterprise customers a comprehensive total engagement in which we assume the long-term administration responsibilities for your system flows and IT architecture. Within the framework of such assignment, we will also develop and manage integrations with other peripheral systems.


Complete cloud-based ERP system

If you are looking for a fully web-based ERP system solution, NEXT, together with Fortnox and CrediFlow, offer an industry-unique and completely cloud-based ERP system that is currently unrivalled in the Swedish market for ERP systems. This solution does not require any local installations at all and you can reach all operational and financial data from any internet-connected device, no matter where you are. The industry- and employers’ organisation Maskinentreprenörerna (ME) has chosen to launch NEXT internally as a “mobile ERP system tailored to our members,” which perfectly describes exactly what NEXT is all about. The solution can be complemented with the NEXT Portal, which also allows external participants with their own logins to access selected information retrieved directly from the ERP system, in real time.

Why use NEXT as a hub in your ERP solution?

The 20th century philosophy of ERP system solutions that included all of the company’s functions in a single system is now a thing of the past. The reason for this is simple – today, technological developments move so quickly that it becomes impossible to manage this type of colossal system while also keeping up with technological and functional developments. The modern ERP system solutions of today are instead based on the integration of niche subcomponents, with each supplier being able to focus on their area in terms of both technology and functionality. This is what it might look like in practice if you build your solution with NEXT as the production/ERP tool and hub.

Functionality System/enterprise system Comment
Estimating BidCon, Wikells, MAP Customised estimating software. The choice of tools is determined by size and business type. Integration via Excel export.
Operational ERP tool NEXT Project Works for sole proprietorships through to multi-billion SEK companies. Supports day-to-day operational business activities.
Mobile application NEXT Mobile Allows you to share data in real time, e.g. working hours, work orders, photos, documents, drawings, AAWs, diary, machinery, own materials, etc.
Accounting/Reporting Visma, Fortnox, Briljant Functionally equivalent standard accounting tools. Choose between cloud service and long experience. (Read more on our integrations page).
Payroll Visma, Fortnox, Kontek, Hogia Visma is by far the largest payroll system used in construction. Preference and taste and, in some cases system requirements, otherwise determine your choice.
Project portal NEXT Portal Allows external participants to access selected information, e.g. documents, project diary or current AAW list.
Invoice scanning NEXT e-Invoice, Ascendo, Visma, Fortnox and more Choose based on size and functional requirements. Cloud service or local installation? Should interpretation be included?
Outgoing customer invoicing Next c-Invoice + CrediFlow  A service that prepares outgoing invoices and automatically issues them via paper, PDF or EDI, depending on the customer’s requirements.

The future is NEXT Portal

In just a few years, modern web technology has dramatically changed the possibilities for sharing information through different types of networks. NEXT Portal is the first ERP system in the industry to offer a cloud service that allows external project participants (customers, partners, suppliers, etc.) to access operational project data in real time. As the portal administrator, you control which information each participant can access and what permission rights they should be assigned.