Budgets and forecasts

Are you forced to perform manual preparatory work when producing the basis for reconciliation and forecasting? Perhaps you pull numbers from the finance system and create your forecast in Excel? If you use NEXT instead, the import possibilities from the estimating software combined with the complete integration with the finance system mean that the manual registration work disappears, while also allowing you to monitor project finances in real time.

  • Import of account-based budgets from estimating tools, e.g. BidCon, MAP or Wikells
  • Working hours can be tracked by account (as a pure cost entry) or separately using any number of modes/activities and/or Alterations and Additional Work (AAW).
  • The AAW module allows you to produce both AAW documentation and an ongoing AAW record and the AAW specifications can be used both for tendering and invoice specifications for the client.
  • Budget and forecasting module that updates automatically in line with updates to your AAWs
  • Forecasting module in which you can work on any number of forecasts (both multiple versions and periods)
  • Basis for successive profit recognition
  • Project overview, i.e. an opportunity to easily monitor the finances in various subprojects or AAWs but also at a general level, e.g. by project type
  • Support for quantity-related contracts in which you can monitor both revenue (executed quantities) and costs (resources).