3 Features of the Checkd Roof Inspection app the Help the Most During Inspections

3 Features of the Checkd Roof Inspection app the Help the Most During Inspections

Checkd is an app with one main goal: we seek to simplify everyday life for those in the construction industry and make the process of work easier, more streamlined, and more cohesive. We understand that after years and years of becoming accustomed to paperwork, hand-drawn plans, and physical communication, so many people in the industry are attached to traditional workflows. But we believe in the power of digital tools and look to bring solutions that make laborious and manual processes easier with the use of mobile devices and tablets. Our app was built by those who deeply understand the inspection and construction process, and we have created tools that are making life easier for workers across the industry.

Checkd Roof Inspection App – own unique host of challenges

Roof inspections bring their own unique host of challenges, but the Checkd Roof Inspection app has a list of features that will help in any project. Here are the three that we think bring the most ease, convenience, and time-savings to any roof inspection…

1. Customized drawings 

The Checkd app allows field workers to update drawings and upload images into the app to be reflected across the entire team’s account. 2D drawings can be uploaded into the app and continuously updated so that everyone on the project always has the most up-to-date version of every image. Plus, all drawings are gathered in one place so there is no scatter of large blueprints and instead, images can be accessed at any time from any place. When it comes to roofs, the ability to use Google Maps as a basis for a drawing adds a new level of convenience and ease. Birds-eye-view shots of the property taken from Google can be incorporated, annotated, tagged, and used as a way to communicate projects, tasks, issues, and resolutions to other contractors on the project.

2. Visualize quality assurance

With roofing, so much can go wrong and put the rest of the project in jeopardy. With leaks, damage, or elements that are not up to code, the potential for negative impacts to trickle-down to the rest of the site is just too great to take any risk. With the Checkd app, users can employ a visual software to handle all Quality Assurance making it straightforward and easy. Ultimately, in any project, delivering a high-quality outcome is the intention and goal. With Checkd, it is easy for everyone in the project to quickly understand and see if they are working in compliance with laws and regulations in order to reduce the chances of paying for deviations and errors. Workers can perform quality assurance steps in real time and those steps can be reviewed and double-checked.

3. Checklists 

In order to make sure that no steps or issues have been overlooked, and that all necessary work has been completed at each phase, it is important to keep a checklist. But it is too easy to write a checklist, misplace it, and have everyone working from their own mental checklists that are not in synch and not thorough or accurate. Checkd’s digital checklist feature allows all contractors on a project to communicate cohesively and stay on the same page about every part of a project, the entire way through. With roof inspection, overlooking one detail can quickly result in a harmful leak or a breach of code, and so the ability to share checklists with all partners, collaborators, and customers means that all stakeholders can be on the same page, finish every last detail, and stick to budgets, timelines, and all legal requirements in a roofing project.

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