Christoffer Hansen has a background from the real estate industry, but he now thrives in an exciting and challenging everyday life as a project manager in Håndverksteknikk AS.

The company was originally established in 1994, and worked primarily with painting jobs. As the company got larger projects with many tasks within several professional groups, they changed their name to Håndverksteknikk to better describe what they do. They work in 9 out of 10 cases as a turnkey contractor.

– Before Next Field,, I often had a full inbox with a lot of unread e-mail. Since I am often out on projects, it is not necessarily the case that I have time to answer all emails. It was often a lot of evening work to answer e-mails, says Christoffer.

– It is not always easy to communicate via e-mail, you can lose important e-mail threads if someone does not answer everyone. It took a lot of time to find out who said what, and to whom. E-mail is often misused since it is easy to send e-mail to “everyone”, and then there are some recipients who receive a lot of irrelevant e-mail. Therefore, it also happens that those who should actually have received the message do not receive it. There is no guarantee that emails and attachments will be read or understood by the right recipient.

– Before we used Next Field,, a lot of the days were spent documenting what we do and how we do it. There were a lot of pictures by phone that I sent to my own e-mail, and then put them in reports. This is very time consuming, he continues.

– I have used powerpoint as a tool to collect and make information visible, but it is very time consuming. A slide can often take up to an hour to make. It is a good tool, but it takes an awful lot of time. In addition, there are often challenges with sending and sharing large PowerPoint files.

After we got started with Next Field,

– There are now smaller emails in my inbox. The emails I send and the ones I receive are more specific. This is both efficient and time-saving for me, and also for our subcontractors and partners.

– Next Field, has come to stay in my case, so it is a very good discovery

– I use the Next Field Field app 90% of the time. It has revolutionized the way I manage a project. It is very user-friendly and intuitive, in addition to making it easy for first-time users to familiarize themselves with it. This is a great bonus for our suppliers, partners and professional groups.

Follow-up in Next Field has greatly made my everyday life much easier

– It is a coincidence that we used Next Field,. We were hired in a project like UE where we were “forced” to use the system, but it was very educational and useful, so we chose to use it on our own projects. When you use CHECKD, you quickly understand that it is much easier to delegate tasks via the app. With the filter, it is easy to sort by subject to assign tasks, and the subcontractors can easily sort by their subject to get an overview of their tasks. In this way you avoid the “noise” from traditional e-mail.

– It is easier for the individual user to find the information that is intended for themselves.

In Next Field you can communicate directly in points such as deviations or work tasks. This gives you a clearer picture of the development and the solution.

– It is easy to follow a correspondence, or a point, or a job. You can sort by drawing or assignments by subject, and then you can always follow the correspondence.

– In an everyday life where you are not always in the same location, where I as a project manager am on the construction site, while a customer is sitting in an office elsewhere, it is nice to be able to use visual aids to illustrate and clarify any misunderstandings.

– This means that you do not have to physically go out to see for yourself, since it is easy to handle the clarification via Next Field in just a few minutes, with illustrations and photos.

– In the app you have an overview of who is involved in the project, what roles they have, with e-mail and mobile number. It’s great if you need to get hold of someone quickly to get answers to your questions.

– Next Field is an excellent project management tool, and it is extremely user-friendly and intuitive. This is a new tool that we will definitely continue with, and which I will require our subcontractors to use. It’s also fun to work with this tool, since it makes things more modern.‍

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